The Great Perrier Wash: A Miraculous Cleansing

It was the ‘80s – the era of greed – and I collected people the way others collected rare antiques or precious object d’arte. My acquisitiveness was so great I incidentally amassed a mailing list of 1000-plus and a Public Relations Agency in Palm Beach and 57th Street Manhattan. Being a bit more than lost in the glitz, I digressed from my true calling – that of Artist/Photographer/Writer.
I not only collected people as amusing curiosities ,but because of an unresolved spirit@123ual void arising from not following one’s true soul-path.

Everyday seemed to be filled with a surplus of superficial telephone chattiness – recounting trivial tales, being a co-dependent listener to unending complaints of supposed woe, going about with an ever-multiplying entourage. As a woman I had been raised to be that “always available ear”. Focusing on the past left little time to be present , flowing freely forward into the future. I had reached an impasse. My life needed significant editing - selecting in those people with whom I shared a deeper meaning, repositioning some, and editing out others. Yet such decisive change loomed as formidable.

One day as I was dreamingly gazing down Broadway while nonchalantly sipping Perrier and avoiding the overwhelming tower of papers confronting me, I inadvertently knocked over the large green two-thirds full bottle.
In a split second, I watched in horror as sparkling water engulfed my thick address book, file-o-fax, and rolladex, washing hundreds of personages into an indistinguishable inky puddle.

I rushed for paper towels but it was too late. Most names had been written in water-soluble ink, and only a few inscribed in permanent Sharpie markers survived. Panicking, I contemplated how I was ever to reconstruct all of this data and what an arduous, tedious task it might be. I was holding my aching head when it seemed as if a light illuminated me – a true light-bulb moment.

I began to entertain the idea that perhaps a redo would not be necessary, that this “Perrier Wash” might be a divine act – the life-editorial I so needed. As I “poured” through the pages and index cards I realized to my amazement that the information about those individuals with whom I shared a significant relationship, remained.

This epiphany was the beginning of a new sensitizing process with which I evaluated differently those who entered my life – holding close those of true quality walking a similar path. This also marked my return after a five-year absence to my artistic self. I closed my Agency and happily returned to “following my bliss” as Artist and Co-Creator – Photographer and Writer. As I reflect on this period I now realize “The Great Perrier Wash” was perhaps Gods way of nudging me back onto my inspirational journey.