The Internet

Some say
The internet
Has brought us closer.
But I wonder?

A few terse words
Written twixt-‘n-between,
One pithy paragraph,
Tapped out while distracted,
An emotional shorthand,
An abbreviated wit,
Tech coolly emailed
To far and away
In a millisecond

Can this ever replace
The intimacy of old,
Brought together
Within the folds
Of a carefully inscribed
A hand-writ note,
Enveloped in
The very scent
Of that special being,
The closeness conveyed,
By personal script.
The emphasis on a word,
Darkening its curve,
The energy held
Between the lines,
The imprint of
An essence
Of a true self,
Skin cells transported
Through fine stationary
From sender
To receiver.
The touching,
To touch.

Some say,
Tech is the future,
The internet,
The now,
But for Moi,
Nothing does replace,
The excitement
Of receiving,
A unique letter
Special someones
The world