The Face of America

I see the face of America,
And it is changing…

I see the face of America
Wearing a new face…
Borne forth from this place,
Transcending mere race.

I see the face of America,
In subway cars and boutiques,
National parks to the White House.
Local bars, urban streets.

The new face of America.
Neither black nor white,
Latino or Asian,
Native, Caucasian,
But a long gray scale,
From dark through pale,
Emanating light,
A wondrous sight.

A rainbow face.
Full spectrum of hue,
Fusing and mixing
Color anew.
Of gold-tones and sepias,
Beiges and creams,
Pastel pinks and reds,
A face of true dreams.

The face of America,
A love story told -
Crinkled ‘n dimpled,
Freckled, bespeckled -
The face of our children,
Courageous and bold,
With healing hearts,
Possibilities hold.

I see the face of America,
Through fresh sparkling eyes,
Brown, blue or green.
Reflecting clear skies.
It is the face of the future,
A promise of peace,
When racial injustice,
Ever does cease.

And that face of America,
Smiles bright and free,
Beaming beauty for all,
With profound liberty.

I see the face of America,