Cafe Cluny

  284 Eest 12th St at 4th st in the West Village 212.255.6900.

Since I have been beyond-busy, for now, all my suggested eateries are conveniently located near chez Moi.

Cafe Cluny is my new favorite spot for lunch, brunch, & even an occassional breakfast. Light and bright, although cozy, there is the perfect mix of intersting chatter & amusing people-watching both inside and out - through large windows. Opened by the Odeon team - LynnWagenknecht, Judi Wong & Steven Abramowitz - this location is instantly hot. I luved the sketches of Restaurateurs done by a Russian Central Park Artist sorrounding the bar area and the huge grasshopper sculpture on the rear dining area ceiling - pure wit & whimsy.

My favs thus far, are the frisee salad with lardon and a poached egg, the marinated beet salad with black mission figs and aged goat cheese, baby brussel sprouts, succulent duck confit, the lush beef, and a delish creme brulee.

 The Waverly

  16 Bank Street at Waverly Place in the West Village 212.243.7900

A "Thank you" to Graydon Carter, my neighbor and the Editor of Vanity Fair, for saving one of my fav historical restaurants.

The refurbishment is gorgeous, designed with perfect lighting flattering all. Its fun to watch the restaurant fill - as stylish crowds meander in and the celebrated do a limo-up. The Bistro Menu is an update on the hearty - with mac and cheese plus truffles, a super Waverly Burger and temptation-desserts that make a girl either break her diet or her heart.

The amusink sketches of the infamous line the walls and provide for an entertaining guessing game.


  453-461 Sixth Avenue at 11th Street in the West Village 212.924.7781

What's a girl to do when she is feeling fluish??? Call Sammy's and order several quarts of their chicken-based greens-infused, wonton soup. Sammy's wins the prize for the best non-gourmet local Restaurant Chinois with examplary seasoning, most generous portions, and eating-on-the-cheap. Their menu boasts sheer comfort-food in a large upbeat active space.

My favs include the Roast Duck, Cold Sesame Spinach, Steamed Seafood Dumplings, Chow Fun with Shrimp, Sauteed Sesame Beef with Snow Peas, Mushrooms, and Green Peppers, and the Orange Flavor Chicken with Dry Hot Pepper.